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Welcome to Roper & Associates

Establishing the most accurate value attached to a property has been a matter of contention since the dawn of man. With so many influencing factors to consider, it’s no wonder many people are left scratching their heads while reading their property valuation reports. Let’s face it – the property valuation field is a complex one. However, our team of expert property valuers at Roper & Associates are here to simplify and demystify this critical property service by offering exceptional property valuation services in KwaZulu-Natal. Partner with the team that puts value back into property valuation: partner with Roper & Associates.

Property Valuation Services

Roper & Associates offer a full-service property valuation solution covering commercial, industrial, residential, agricultural and specialised property valuations. Having the advantage of an extensive database of research, our professional valuation reports are fully motivated adding to the credibility of our opinion as well as providing reliable and valid professional property valuations.


 These include valuation reports on properties like office buildings (both urban and suburban), as well as hotels and properties like shopping centres, resorts, and the like.


These property valuations are carried out on properties where industrial operations are conducted. These include factories, manufacturing plants, warehouses, etc.


Residential valuations are the most common, and are carried out to determine the value of standalone houses, townhouses, apartments, and other residential buildings.


Our agricultural property valuation services cover projects of any size within the agricultural sector from canelands, wine, fruit, poultry and other farms to ranches and reserves.


​These valuations are utilised when the property does not fall into the other categories – like schools, churches and petrol filling stations for instance.

Who is Roper & Associates?

Headed up by Robert Roper and established back in 1990, Roper & Associates has been offering exceptional services in the property valuation industry of KwaZulu-Natal for over 30 years. We endeavour to establish a professional relationship with each of our clients, and deliver property valuations that are both confidential and legally compliant. Our team is passionate about the property industry in South Africa, and we are based in Durban, KZN. Find out more about Roper & Associates below:

Our Valuation Methods

It is our responsibility as property valuers to execute our services according to ethical, legally-compliant standards “without fear, favour or prejudice”. At Roper & Associates, our valuation methodology is carried out ethically and efficiently, and we endeavour to satisfy clients with our services at every stage of the property valuation process. The five property valuation methods we utilise are the Sales Comparison Method, the Income Method, the Depreciated Replacement Cost Method, the Residual Method, and the Profit Method (Accounting Method). Find out more about each of these below:

How We Can Add Value

We aim to alleviate the stress felt by our clients when requiring fixed property valuations. Our practice has extensive knowledge in the surveying of buildings both for the determination of market rental (in terms of SAPOA’s standard method of measurement), and for the determination of the replacement costs. We also provide surveying of buildings, surrounding works and land for the purpose of determining the Open Market Value, Depreciated Replacement Value as well as the Insurance Value. These skills have been tested in the market place on an ongoing basis by way of our motivated reports.