Heads Up to all Ethekwini Property Owners!

The next municipal valuation roll showing all properties (residential, commercial, industrial and agricultural) within the Ethekwini municipal boundaries together with their respective new municipal values will be published mid February 2022. These municipal values will be used to base the rates payable on the respective properties by way of a rand rateage or factor of municipal value, effective from 1 July 2022.

Once the new municipal valuation roll is published on the municipality’s website and available for physical inspection at well advertised locations, the property owner/s (or their representative) have 90 days to submit an objection to the new municipal values published.

It is therefore advisable for all property owners to be aware of this timeline together with all property portfolios’ municipal values to anticipate any possible objection. If you miss this 90 day window of opportunity then you are prejudiced thereafter by:

  • Now having to pay to lodge a late objection.
  • Prompt or short term attention to your objection (or appeal) by the local authority is not the norm. You will still have to pay rates on the higher value until such time as the objection/ appeal is resolved.

We are here to help and guide you – please contact us if you need help!

Further information:

Subject to the other provisions of the Local Government Municipal Property Rates Act (No. 6 of 2004) the municipal value of all property must be the amount the property would have realised if sold on the date of valuation (refer below for fixed date) in the open market by a willing, able and informed seller to a willing, able and informed buyer.

Ethekwini Municipality implemented their last valuation roll on the 1 July 2017. Legislation requires that there be a fixed date for valuations. This date (2 July 2016) is one year before the implementation of the valuation roll and these values are valid for four to five years. After four to five years an updated valuation roll needs to be implemented (i.e. with a fixed date of valuation being 1 July 2021).